04-10-2020: Good Friday

 “They will proclaim His righteousness to a people yet unborn – for He has done it” – Psalm 22:31.


Call to Worship (Responsively)

Pastor:  There is our God, with arms spread wide in

  vulnerability, embracing the whole of our life in its

              deathly reality.

People:  There is the Christ – our Lord.

Pastor:  Gathered in those stretched arms is all we are in

  our humanness – all our failures and guilty

               secrets, all our shame and responsibility for the

  wounding to death of the innocent in ourselves

              and in others.

People:  There is the Christ, our God. We stand in silent

  awe before the power of costly life.

Pastor: Our hearts are almost too full to pray,

ALL:    O God, overcome by the overwhelming grace that

flows from Jesus Christ. We can hardly

             believe that this could be so, that we are not

condemned as the one who comes in grace, hangs

             painfully before us surrounded by our death. All

we can do is to whisper our gratitude, and

             hold still in awe at the majesty of this day. Receive

our thanks, O God, we pray.  Amen.

  • Prayer of Remembrance

Old Testament Reading:  Isaiah 52:13-53:12

Gospel Reading:  John 19:16-37

The Message of Good Friday: “The Day Jesus Died”

    ~ A moment for silent reflection and meditation will follow the sermon ~

Confessions to the Cross

Prayer of Confession

Assurance of Pardon (with Response from the People)                                                Pastor: “Forgive us, Christ Jesus;”  

People: “Forgive us and restore our life this day.”

Tenebrae (Extinguishing the Light)



~ A Special Note for this Service ~

On Friday of Holy Week, we remember the crucifixion of Jesus. Many churches have worship services between noon and 3 pm. Others have services in the evening. And still others disregard it altogether. The name “Good Friday” may have originally been called “God’s Friday” because Jesus’ death shows God’s love and salvation offered to all people. The name “Good Friday” reminds of our hope that God is present even in the midst of tragedy. Not even death can overshadow the love of God.

~ Remember ~

“Be Safe While You Keep the Faith!”

———- SERMON NOTES ———–

“The Day Jesus Died”

John 19:16-37

Summary: John 19:16-37 shows us what really happened the day Jesus died and why it really matters.

I. Introduction.

II. What Really Happened.

III. Why It Really Matters.

  1. The Clothes.
  • The Bones.          
  • The Piercing.

IV. Conclusion.