09-20-2020: Faith to Faith, Part 2

Greeting and Announcements 

Call to Worship: (Responsively)  

Pastor: “Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name;

            People: Make known among the nations what He has done.

            Pastor: Sing unto him, sing praise to Him;

            People: Tell of His wonderful acts.

            Pastor: Glory un His holy name;

            People: Let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.”                   (Psalm 105:1-3)


Prayer of Adoration

Prayer of Confession (Unison) and Words of Assurance

Merciful God, in your gracious presence we confess our sin and the sin of the world. Although Christ is among us as our peace, we are a people divided against ourselves as we cling to the values of a broken world.  The profit and pleasures we pursue lay waste the land and pollute the seas. The fears and jealousies that we harbor set neighbor against neighbor and nation against nation. We abuse your good gifts of imagination and freedom, of intellect and reason, and have turned them into bonds of oppression. Lord, have mercy on us; set us free to serve you in the world as agents of your reconciling love in Jesus Christ. Hear us now as we silently confess those things that weigh heaviest            on our hearts. (silent confession of sin . . .) Lord, hear our prayers.  Amen. 


Prayer for Illumination

Lesson from the Pentteuch of the Old Testament: Exodus  50:1-7                                                                                                                                                                                           
Lesson from the Epistles of the New Testament:
Romans 1:16-17

“The Word of our Lord”    “Thanks be to God”

Reading from the Gospels: Matthew 20:1-16

“The Gospel of our Lord”    “Thanks be to God”

Six Part Sermon Series: “Faith” – Sermon: “Faith to Faith” (Part 2)

Affirmation of Faith – “The Apostle’s Creed” (Unison)

Out of the depths we cry to you, Father. With you is forgiveness. We abuse the planet. We discriminate against one another. Not trusting in you, we declare all dead. We are quick to complain and lament the present age, believing that human evil is greater than your love. You bring us to life now, but we fail to see how. We choose the flesh-way over the Spirit-way. For the sake of the one who calls us, forgive us. We wait for you, LORD. We wait for your mercy. Let it be, God – let it be.  Amen.

Prayers of the People


Charge & Benediction

 ~ Six Part Sermon Series on “Faith” ~

“Faith to Faith” (Part 2)

Romans 1:17Habakkuk 2:4

Summary: The Bible teaches that faith is the key to everything for the Christian. By faith we come to Christ. By faith we live our Christian lives with joy and gladness.

I. Introduction.

II. Faith is the Key to Unlock the Door to Certainty and Eternity.

A. Righteousness Revealed.

B. God’s Righteousness is Revealed.

C. We Are Saved Only By What God Has Done.

IV. Faith for Living.

A. Faith Receives Christ’s Righteousness.

B. True Biblical Faith Relies Solely on Christ.

C. By Faith We Live Our Lives.

IV. Spiritual Survival.

V. The Righteous Will Live By Faith.

VI. Conclusion.


~ Six Part Sermon Series on “Faith” ~

“Faith” (Part 1)

Luke 17:5-10

Summary: We need to understand what the Bible means when it talks about faith. We’re going go look at a passage in which Jesus describes a faith that can uproot trees. It’s the kind of faith that pursues the improbable; the kind of faith that changes lives.

“Faith to Faith” (Part 2)

Romans 1:17Habakkuk 2:4

Summary: The Bible teaches that faith is the key to everything for the Christian. By faith we come to Christ. By faith we live our Christian lives with joy and gladness.

“The Faith of The Centurion” (Part 3)

Luke 7:1-10Matthew 8:5-13

Summary: Look at our circumstances through the eyes of faith as says faith can move mountains. Faith is not based on our present situation but it looks forward to the future. A look at the Centurion’s Faith.

“Healing at The Pool” (Part 4)

John 5:1

Summary: What are the problems we are facing today? Maybe for years we are praying about it. The problem has become a part of our life and we have the same life routine every day. We have the same lifestyle where there is no peace, the same sickness haunt us every day.

“The Touch of FAITH” (Part 5)

Mark 5:21-43

Summary: Jesus is here today. Do you know that God is very powerful to change your condition this morning time? If you really have faith in God you can go back changed. Anyone who comes with faith in God will never go unanswered.

“Faith (in the Fire or in Jesus Christ)” (Part 6)

Daniel 3:8-30

Summary: Is your faith strong today? Strong enough to face a danger? The Bible says if you have the Faith of a mustard seed you can cast mountains into the ocean!! Do you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you are right with GOD?