10-11-2020: The Touch of Faith (Part 5)

For those who remain home to watch the recorded modified worship service is the fifth sermon of a six-part sermon series on the  subject of our Faith. Here is the info: Sunday’s Sermon is : “The Touch of Faith” (Part 5), Mark 5:21-43 

Summary: Jesus is here today. Do you know that God is very powerful to change your condition this morning time? If you really have faith in God you can go back changed. Anyone who comes with faith in God will never go unanswered.

I. Introduction.

Jesus is here today! Do you know that God is very powerful to change your condition this morning time? If you really have faith in God you can go back changed. Anyone who comes with faith in God will never go unanswered. Have you come this morning with a specific need? The Bible says if you have faith your needs will be met by God.

II. The Touch of Faith – the Two Females.

This morning I want to speak to you from my series on “Faith” and some of the Miracles of Jesus – and specifically – I want to speak to you about the “Touch of Faith” as told in the Gospel of Mark about two females.

A. The Bleeding Woman.

Jesus had just healed the demon possessed man living by the tombs by driving evil spirits into swine that ran into the sea. And now he was going to the house of Jairus. Jairus was the ruler of a synagogue and he was a respected and a rich man. A large crowd followed and pressed around Jesus. Among the crowd was a woman who had the issue bleeding for 12 long years. She tried many treatments which did not work. She touched the cloak of Jesus’ garment and immediately she was healed.

I want you to look at this woman’s condition. She had bleeding for 12 long years and she faced many problems and issues.

1. She Had a Spiritual Problem.

First of all, she had a spiritual problem. When we read Leviticus 15:19-33 we see any woman who had an issue of blood was declared unclean. Therefore, this lady is an unclean lady. She cannot touch anyone or anyone can touch her. She was biblically unclean, doctrinally unclean. The whole society framed her as unclean. I want to bring out a point here. God is telling such people are there in our present-day world too.

There are many of you who have been rejected by pastors, churches, and Christian leaders. They feel you have a spiritual problem. They have falsely accused you. This morning the spiritual leaders may call you unworthy and unholy, you may be unimportant to them but God wants you. You are accepted by God today.

2. She Had a Social Problem.

This woman could not go out to parties or marriages because of her uncleanliness. Whenever she came near people, she had to shout unclean, unclean. People used to look down at her. She could not socialize. She always had a low self-esteem and low dignity. She could not walk upright going to the market because she was in shame and people always had something wrong to talk about this woman. She had a social problem. She could not socialize.

Today God is seeing some with social problems like this. People are talking bad about you. You cannot lift up your head in the society because of your shameful past. You have done some mistakes and the society is looking at you in that angle. You have made some wrong decisions and people are still taunting you for that. You are in pain, tears, and shame. Child of God, God wants to liberate you today from your shame.

3. She Had a Financial Problem.

The Talmud has more than 11 cures for this particular disease. Some were tonics and astringents but others were superstitious remedies which were very costly. The Bible says she tried all treatment but it did not cure her disease. By now she is financially drained out going to all doctors, all tests, all scans but still no hope or cure for her condition.

Child of God wants to solve your financial problems today. We are all working but money is drained in unwanted hospital bills, constantly in debts. God wants to put a stop to that today.

4. She Has a Physical Problem.

This woman was sick for 12 long years. By now she would have been physically very weak. No blood in her body and she may be taking iron pills. The prolonged and secret sickness has taken the hope and joy out of her life and she is hopeless. You know being sick is very tiresome. Someone who has a flu knows the tiredness he has following his sickness. This woman is sick for 12 years and she is fully tired, without life.

When we see from the woman’s point of view she was spiritually separated from God, socially separated from the community, financially drained, and physically weak. She heard Jesus was passing by. She had no influence to reach and talk to Jesus. Somehow, she managed to get into the crowd. When she was near Jesus – she touched the cloak of his garment and immediately her bleeding stopped.

5. What Did the Woman Actually Do?

For everyone this the garment of Jesus was an ordinary garment but for this woman it was a point of contact for her faith. It brought forth a miracle.

Now Jesus was a Jew and he wore their traditional clothing including a prayer shawl. When we read Numbers 15:38-40 and Deuteronomy 22:13 God told the Jews to wear fringes or tassels in their clothing. On their prayer shawl 4 tassels were there, one in each corner of the shawl. Jews believed there were 613 commandments of the law. Each tassel had 613 threads which showed the law which represented the words of God, power of God, and the authority of God. When the Jews walk, they would see the tassels move which reminded them of God’s promises and blessings.

Now as this woman came close to Jesus – she probably would have seen these tassels. It was moving up and own. It reminded her of the power and authority in the Word of God. Moreover, she heard about Jesus, the living Word of God. Her faith arose. She probably touched one of those tassels carefully by faith and immediately she was healed.

This woman had a contact point for her faith. Her point of contact was the tassel. Immediately power went out of Jesus and she was healed. The Word of God is the point of contact for our faith to receive a miracle today. When you believe the Word of God, power will flow, and yes, the resurrection power and the miracle will follow. There is deliverance in the Word of God.

B. The Daughter.

As I said – Jesus was going to the house of Jairus – the rich ruler of a synagogue – and well respected. Jesus was speaking to a large crowd which pressed around him when some men came from the house of Jarius to inform him that his daughter had died so he shouldn’t bother the rabbi any more. Hearing their words and seeing that Jairus was confused, afraid, heartbroken and without hope, Jesus told him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” He speaks to us today with the same words – “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”  

1. “Atmosphere of Unbelief or Faith”???

Can you say atmosphere of unbelief”? Remember the woman with the issue of blood has just touched Jesus’ clothes and was made whole. Do you think there was an “atmosphere of faith” there? Now Jairus’ folks arrive. What do they bring with them? An “atmosphere of unbelief” – “Thy daughter is dead. Leave the master alone.”  They bring the “atmosphere of unbelief” with them. Do you here what I am saying?

Jesus heard what Jairus’ folks said and ignored it. Why? He carried an “atmosphere of faith”. Are you catching on to what I’m saying? It’s no different than when Jesus says “My peace I leave with thee.” In other words, my peace is yours to take wherever you go. Your “atmosphere of faith” is yours to take with you wherever you go! Or, you can decide to take an “atmosphere of unbelief” everywhere you go.

2. The Non-Genuine – “The Fakers”.

In that culture, loud weeping and wailing was customary at a person’s death. The lack of it was the ultimate disgrace and disrespect. Some people – usually women – made mourning a profession and were paid by the dead person’s family to weep over the body. On the day of death – the body was carried through the streets – followed by mourners – family members and friends. So – in other words – you had people who would come for no other reason than to cry because of the family’s loss. It was what they did. But what is important is to understand there was no genuineness in what they were doing.

The mourners laughed at Jesus when he said, “The child is not dead but asleep.” Understand that Jesus used the image of sleep to indicate that her condition was temporary and that she would be restored.

And Jesus drove out those who had an “atmosphere of unbelief”. The phrase “put out” is a combination of two Greek words – “ekballo” – which means to eject– drive out or expel. It’s translated “cast out” 45 times – to indicate deliberately, quickly and vigorously.

Even today – most of the world laughs at Christ’s claims and at those who believe them. It is important to remember that when you feel belittled for expressing faith in Jesus and hope for life eternal – remember that unbelievers don’t see nor feel from God’s perspective. They just don’t get it! They are living in that “atmosphere of unbelief”.

When you have unbelief in your life – you have to drive it out. Unbelief will hang around unless you make it leave. Unbelief will set up a room with a microwave and an easy chair and a flat screen TV until you drive it out. In other words – don’t ever get too comfortable with an “unbelief” attitude.

“And he took the damsel by the hand, and said unto her, ‘Talitha cumi’; which is, being interpreted, ‘Damsel, I say unto thee, arise’. And straightway the damsel arose, and walked; for she was of the age of twelve years. And they were astonished with a great astonishment. And he charged them straitly that no man should know it; and commanded that something should be given her to eat.”

III. Conclusion: “Great Power + Tremendous Compassion = Jesus Christ!”

Jesus not only demonstrated great power – he also showed tremendous compassion. His power over nature – evil spirits – a death was motivated by compassion – for a demon-possessed man who lived by the tombs – a diseased woman – and he family of a dead girl. These people were considered unclean by the rabbis of the day and polite society avoided them. But not Jesus – who reached out and helped.

Children of God – Jesus is very powerful and is able to change your condition this morning. It maybe spiritual, social, financial, or personal – nothing is impossible by God. But do you have the faith in the Word of God? There were some 100’s in the crowd that day. Some crowded Jesus – some pushed Jesus – but one person really touched him by faith and she received a miracle. There was no one to recommend for her but she had a great faith and she was healed. This woman came just as she was, unclean, weak, unaccepted by people but she was accepted by Jesus.

Jesus comforted a grieving family suffering from the supposed death of a daughter. But His tremendous compassion caused him to exercise his great power to revive her back to her family. And you, too, can ve revived back to the Family of God. Commit your life to him today and receive the miracle.

No matter what life throws at you – no matter the circumstances or issue – just remember what Jesus said to the people – “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”  

Let us pray: Father God – Our Lord – times are really confusing and hard right now and life has really got many down. We don’t know what to do. We ask that You bestow Your wisdom upon us. We don’t want to lean on our own knowledge anymore, because it has let us down so many times. We need to hear Your voice. Give us the discernment to hear Your voice and Your voice alone. Speak to us in the way You know we will hear you best. We also pray for Your Will, Lord. We give You the praise and the glory in our circumstances because we know that we are exactly where You want us. We know this is to teach us something or to help us to grow. No matter what, we trust you and ask You to show what is best in this and every situation. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.