12-06-2020: “Here is your God!” or “What Can God Say?”

ALL: The Peace of Christ unto each of you and yours.

Just a word of caution: THE VIRUS IS ALIVE IN THE AREA – SO BE CAREFUL! Now for some announcements:

  • · The Annual Christmas Dinner and Talent Show will take place Saturday, December 12 beginning at 5:30 PM. The dinner will be catered as it was last year and will steak, baked potato and green beans, and desert ($17 a plate). Also, anyone desiring to attend and to share their talent please get in touch with Gayle Wheat.

· If you need any “throw away masks” in boxes of fifty I can still get them for you from the County Director of Emergency Contingencies. You are welcome to them – just let me know.

· There is a list posted on the bulletin board of things that needs to be done in the way of Fall Cleanup (ATTACHED). This will allow members to come and go at any time of choosing while maintaining social distancing. If there is something that you can help with, please sign up.

· Church financial situation is managing fairly well but please continue being good Biblical stewards.

Now for those who remain home to watch the recorded modified worship service here is the info for Sunday’s Sermon:

“Here Is Your God!” or “What Can God Say?”. Isaiah 40:1-11 & Mark 3:1-8

(The Lord’s Supper will be observed so prepare your elements!!!)

LINK: https://youtu.be/YMUwioq-Hso Premiering at 11:00 AM (We are now able to schedule on the hour)

Keep visiting with each other and praying for our church family, State, and Country.

Remember: “Feed Your Faith – Not Your Fear!!!”

In the Love & Peace of Christ,

Pastor Buddy

☨ nnDnn☨