Pulpit Ponderings June 2018

I know this will disappointing to many of you, but I am going to keep this Pondering short, because I know many are preparing for a summer time of play, recreation, travel, etc.  Many of you will not be seen until late August or early September so with that said, I sincerely hope you will be safe in all that you do, in the miles that you will travel, and all during those exciting times of “pushing the envelope”.  I also hope and pray that each of you will continue your faith and spiritual journey with God.

I had an eighth-grade coach, Harold Moore, who was, besides being a great teacher, also a devout Christian.  When he and his traveled anywhere and at any time during the year, they always attended a church wherever they found themselves on a Sunday morning.  By doing this he not only continued his faith journey, but he met some interesting people and had some great times which he shared with his students.

As your pastor, I pray for safe traveling miles and for all your activities.


God bless you, your families, and our church, always!


Standing on His Promises and, As Always, In His Grip …Shalom Aleichem (Peace Be Unto You) …

Until the Nets Are Full,

Your Most Obedient and Humble Servant,

Pastor Buddy