Summertime Notes – From Church Signs

If God wants weeds to grow, it’s OK by me!

School’s Out But Life Lessons Will Continue!

Recreation not Wreck Creation!

Plant a garden – Grow: hope, love, faith.  Free seeds inside.

Summer is here.  Enjoy the Sonshine!

As the weather warms up, do you have a cup of cold water for those in need?

So, you think it’s hot now?

If you think it’s hot now, just wait.

If you don’t like this heat, practice Heaven-conditioning.

Exposure to the Son prevents burning!

Sin burn is prevented by Son screen.


And last but for sure not least:


“School is out, but Church is still in session!!!”


(In other words, God never takes off in loving, supporting, and being with us!)


~ Please take Note of the Following ~


“If you think


is a patch to stop smoking,

you might need to stop sleeping through the sermon!”

(Jeff Foxworth)