UPDATE: April 26, 2020


        Governor Abbott loosened the restrictions regarding on-site worship gatherings earlier this week.  In a letter to leaders of houses of worship, he wrote, “Houses of worship should conduct as many of their activities as possible remotely. Services that houses of worship cannot conduct remotely should be conducted in accordance with guidance from the White House and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”).”  CDC guidelines still recommend that people avoid gatherings of 10 or more people.  The Presbytery of Texas, ECO calls for churches of the Presbytery to continue providing worship services and other services via video recordings or live stream for the time being.  I know this is disappointing news, but churches must do all we can to help keep our congregation and community safe and prevent the spread of this disease.    

        The reason we must continue worshipping remotely is that the number of confirmed cases of the virus in Coryell County and the Gatesville area increased to 103 as of noon yesterday up by 15 from the previous day.  The number of confirmed cases in the Presbytery is also increasing daily.  So, for now, we will abide by the recommendation of our leaders and will not have onsite worship services until it is deemed safe to do so.  Governor Abbott has scheduled an update on April 27 that will give guidance on how to open up Texas again.  I am anticipating that there will be further guidance for churches at that time. For now, and regardless of how are looking at or feeling about this pandemic, we must be patient and wait until it is safe for all to return to worship. 


        I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued financial support of the ministries of The Presbyterian Church of Gatesville. Please continue your discipline in doing this. I am going to ask our Church Treasurer, Brenda Byrom, for an update on our church finances.   

        We have been receiving contributions but I suspect we are a bit falling short. Regardless, I thank you for your faithfulness and generosity.  The work of the church continues even though we are not gathering for worship on-site. 


        Since we cannot “live stream” (actually we can, but our existing technology will not support a clear picture nor good/quality sound) I will continue to record our worship services on You Tube at a different link each week and will include the Bulletin and Sermon Outline with each link. 

I know many of you are becoming impatient with this situation – I am too! However, we must be smart about this because we do not know all the answers. Please be patient for now as we are all in the same boat (or jail cell!) right now. WE CAN DO THIS!!! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at any timeI am here for each of you!

In the Love and Peace of Christ,

Pastor Buddy